Wmcx 2017-2018 executive board 

Allison Nugent - General Manager

Allison "Ali" Nugent was the music director for the 16-17, and 17-18 school year. Now a Senior , Nugent has built her musical repertoire from working at Asbury Lanes since they were 14 and from shooting shows for the past 7 years. Anytime Nugent isn't at the station or a show they're most likely working on some art project, watching The Chris Gethard Show, or talking to someone about ...Is A Real Boy.  

You can reach Ali at wmcxgm@monmouth.edu or @ofallthingsali on every social network. 

Glen DeNigris - Program Director


Glen DeNigris is our Program Director. He’s a rising senior majoring in Communications (Radio/TV).

You can reach Glen at WMCXPD@monmouth.edu 

Noah Preschel - Music Director


Noah Preschel is a junior majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations and Journalism, with a minor in Sports Communications. While on air on WMCX, Noah is found spinning the newest in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul playing songs from his favorite artists such as Frank Ocean, Common, The Internet, and Anderson .Paak. When not in the X you can catch him calling Monmouth Athletic events, or talking sports. Noah’s favorite sports teams include the Nets, Mets, Jets, and Devils.

You can reach Noah at wmcxmusic@monmouth.edu

Tyler Hackes - WebMaster


Tyler Hackes is a senior majoring in Music with a concentration in the Music Industry, Tyler has spent the last two years bringing his project Ripe Collective to life. Often times referred to as “Ripe”, he plans on using this platform to promote the music and attire that represent all things at the peak of their flavor. When he isn’t at the station, you can find him in the comfort of a studio, skateboarding in the local area or talking about himself in third person on the internet.

You can reach Tyler at wmcxWebmaster@monmouth.edu, @TylerHackes

Miranda Halpern- Public Relations Director


Miranda Halpern is a Senior majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Physics and. She enjoys her time at the X and mainly plays Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem, and Mumford & Sons while she’s on air.

You can reach her at wmcxPR@monmouth.edu 

Abbey Vergata - Social Media Director


Abbey Vergata is a Sophomore majoring in Communications with a concentration in Tv Production and a minor in Business Administration. In her free time you can find her playing guitar and listening to music. She likes all types of music from old school rock & roll to new wave alternative and even r&b. Stay in touch with Abbey on Instagram @abbey.vergata.music and listen to her show Pop Rocks & Soda on Wednesdays 8-10pm.

You can reach her at wmcxSMD@monmouth.edu

Matt DeLuca - Sports Director


Matt DeLuca is a Junior Communication major (Radio/TV) with a minor in Sports Communication. He has had a passion for sports his entire life, and loves to broadcast games and debate others. He began his broadcasting career in his freshman year of high school, and has continued it all throughout his years at Monmouth. Matt is a die-hard Boston sports fan, even though he comes from Philadelphia roots. His new show, “The Warmup” will debut in September of 2017, and will air weekdays from 7-8am. After graduation, he hopes to go into sports broadcasting, sports talk, or sports journalism.

You can reach him at wmcxsports@monmouth.edu

Molly Fichter- Production Director


Molly Fichter is the production director & a radio fanatic. She also likes eating meat free foods, Jazz music, and Cats. She makes things sound good. Public Radio is cool and important- Molly Fichter

You can reach her at wmcxPROD@monmouth.edu

Casey Cantaffa - Office Coordinator - kcantaff@monmouth.edu

Aaron Furgason - Advisor - afurgaso@monmouth.edu