Wmcx 2016-2017 executive board 

Hunter Farman - General Manager

I was spawned on July 7, 1995 (created on or around October 7, 1994). I probably spend way too much time at The X (but I love it!), and I host shows such as Across My Mind and Breathe In, Rock Out. My favorite part of radio is the uncomfortable silence that sits among people in the studio when a song is playing. Shinedown is my favorite band and Bernie Sanders is my political hero. I’m fluent in sarcasm, and sometimes speak English. I live with Entertainment Director Nick Zaccario, and I really enjoy telling him that I’m jealous of people that don’t know him. I don’t watch a lot of television because I work in radio. I don’t have time for that television nonsense. I can’t let myself get distracted (But I love 24, Arrested Development, and House of Cards). My favorite holiday is Nick Messina Appreciation Day, celebrated every April 18th. I consider myself to be a part-time superhero, and a part-time politician… But I am definitely a full-time radio nerd!


You can reach Hunter at WMCXGM@Monmouth.edu or on Twitter @hfarman1

Angela Ramos - Program Director

Angela Ramos is a Senior Communication major with a minor in Interactive Media. Ramos enjoys Beyoncé, mangoes, and memes. Ramos started at WMCX her Freshman and has honed her radio personality over the years. Angela knows every single word to not only Only by Nicki Minaj but also The Boy That Blocked His Own Shot by Brand New showing her true versatility.

You can reach Angela at WMCXPD@monmouth.edu or on twitter @iAngelaRamos

Allison Nugent - Music Director

Allison "Ali" Nugent is a Sophomore transferring from The University of The Arts. Nugent has built their musical repertoire from working at Asbury Lanes since they were 14 and from shooting shows for the past 4 years. Nugent hosts Babez in Boyland way too many times a week with Linda Pluhar, Carrot Bradley, and Angela Ramos. Anytime Nugent isn't at the station or a show they're most likely working on some art project, watching The Chris Gethard Show, or talking to someone about ...Is A Real Boy. 

You can reach Ali at wmcxmusic@monmouth.edu or @ofallthingsali on every social network. 

Kellan Brennan - Production Director 

Kellan is a Senior Radio & TV major who works as our production director. In his free time he studies jazz piano and performs at restaurants in Asbury Park and Red Bank. He enjoys cooking, Packers football, and 90's Hip-Hop. Last summer he interned at 88.3 WBGO Jazz FM helping to produce "The Checkout" radio show. 

You can reach Kellan at wmcxproduction@monmouth.edu

Nick Zaccario - Entertainment Director

Nick Zaccario, from Tenafly, NJ, began pursuing radio his Sophomore year at Monmouth University. He was inspired to work in radio by his father, who was a disc jockey all though out his college his college career at York University in Pennsylvania, then serving for a short time at a small station outside the campus. Zaccario is the Co-Host of three time Radio Flag Nominated Best Music Show Breathe In, Rock Out along with Hunter Farman. Zaccario also worked extensively with the crew of The X-Factor his Junior year and was elected to the Entertainment Director of WMCX 88.9FM his Senior year. Zaccario is also an avid theater goer and actor who has been seen in regional productions across New Jersey since his Freshman year of High School. Zaccario's top two bands are Green Day and Papa Roach and hopes to see them preform live in the near future. After college Zaccario plans on pursuing a graduate program in either education or video production. 

You can reach him at wmcxENTDIR@monmouth.edu

Angela Zangari - Public Relations Director

Angela Zangari is the Public Relations Director for WMCX. Zangari is a senior at Monmouth University as a communications TV/Radio major. She is extremely passionate about music and cherishes her time at The X very dearly. Scrolling threw her Spotify "recently listened to" playlist you could find anything from Twenty One Pilots, to Griz, To Bon Iver. Make sure you tune in every Monday night 6-8pm to catch what's on her mind.


You can reach her at wmcxPR@monmouth.edu 

Linda Pluhar - Social Media Director

Linda Pluhar is a Junior majoring in Communications with a focus in TV and Radio. She originally got her start in radio at Brookdale Student Radio with Cool Tunes With Lame Linda. Currently Pluhar hosts Babez In Boyland with Ali Nugent and Carrot Bradley, and Angela Ramos twice a week. Linda lives for Kanye West and her cat Rhonda. She hopes to use social media to add a community involvement with the station. Most importantly, Young Metro does trust her. 

You can reach her at wmcxSMD@monmouth.edu or at @lamelindaplu on Twitter.

Anthony Pappetti - Social Media Director

Anthony Papetti lives for Kanye West and that's all you need to know about him.

He has been using social media to stalk his friends and now found a career out of it. He is a Senior majoring in Communications with a minor in Screen Studies. He is a film fantaic who can never decide between Boogie Nights or Spring Breakers. He is the creator of the radio show "No Assembly Required" which discusses everything in pop culture. You can always find him walking around the station singing the soundtrack of Hamilton or talking about how The Flash is best show on TV. 

 You can reach him  on Twitter @papeatti or on No Assembly's account @noassembly"

Jeylin Castaneda - Social Media Director

Hey Guys! I'm Jeylin, a Junior Communications TV/Radio Major with a Minor in Graphic Design. I'm one of the three awesome Social Media Directors here at WMCX. Aside from that, I also host a weekly format show so look out for the schedual to see what times I'll be on for the upcoming semesters! I'm a huge Instagram fanatic, follow me @jelyincastaneda! 

You can reach Jeylin at SMDwmcx@monmouth.edu

Nick Halper - Sports Director

Nicholas Halper is a Senior majoring in Communications TV/Radio with a minor in Production. He began his radio career at Brookdale Community College before transferring to Monmouth University. Nick loves to debate about all sports, especially football. He is the creator of the radio show “The Benchwarmers” which covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, and College Football. Nick’s favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Real Madrid. After graduating, Nick is looking forward to working in the sports broadcasting field.  

Mike Trapasso - Sports Director

Inhabitant from Middletown, New Jersey, and known around the X as Trap. Love’s nothing more in life than his Miami Dolphins, with his favorite player being Juice Landry. Last year, Trap announced over 30 Monmouth Basketball games for WMCX. Throughout his travels with the Monmouth Bench Mob, he toured the Capitol building, met Dikembe Mutumbo at the Verizon Center, and was seen on ESPN (right behind Jay Bilas). Inspired by Monmouth’s Cinderella basketball season, Trap created a weekly blog following the team’s road to the MAAC Finals (and he had to make a blog for a class). Trap is also the creator of the station’s “Kid’s Day Everyday Mascot History Lesson,” commonly heard in the first half of basketball games (this is college radio after all). As for music, Chancellor Bennett and Aubrey Graham are Trap’s day one favorites. In 2016, Trap received a scholarship in recognition of excellence in oral performance, leadership and academic achievement.

Unless you are the 1972 Dolphins, you can’t be perfect, and that’s okay!

Donna Mancini - Office Coordinator - dmancini@monmouth.edu

Aaron Furgason - Advisor - afurgason@monmouth.edu