Wmcx 2018-2019 executive board 

Noah Preschel - General Manager

19. Noah Preschel .jpg

Hometown: Teaneck, New Jersey

Noah is a senior majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations and Journalism, with a minor in Sports Communications. While on air on WMCX, Noah is found spinning the newest in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul playing songs from his favorite artists such as Frank Ocean, Common, The Internet, and Anderson .Paak. When not in the X you can catch him calling Monmouth Athletic events, or talking sports. Noah’s favorite sports teams include the Nets, Mets, Jets, and Devils.

You can reach Noah at wmcxgm@monmouth.edu.

Shadiyah Belton - Program Director

14. Shadiyah Belton.jpg

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC

Shadiyah is a Music Industry Major with a Minor in Business Administration. When on air, she’s usually talking the latest pop culture and blasting RnB tunes that were created before her time. When not at the station, sometimes, even when she is, she’s writing the secrets of her soul on a napkin to later be transformed into a song sung by herself. One day, she is going to obliterate the music industry. Until then, good music, good vibes, and hard work.

You can reach Shadiyah at WMCXPD@monmouth.edu 

Andres Camacho - Music Director

17. Andres Camacho.jpg

Hometown: Sicklerville, New Jersey

Andres is one of the most ambitious, determined people at The X. His goal is to climb his way to the top of the music industry from A&R to an Executive position. Andres loves music, but Hip-Hop/RnB has a firm grip on his soul. When he isn’t asleep, he’s at the radio station listening to the newest submissions, reading about music, and dreaming about a career in music.

You can reach Andres at wmcxmusic@monmouth.edu

Tyler Hackes - WebMaster


Tyler is a senior majoring in Music with a concentration in the Music Industry. He currently is an intern at MIBE Music in New York, a Brand “Ambacebador” for Guayaki Yerba Mate and happily doing everything he can to put himself ahead of his competition. When he isn’t at the station, you can find him weaving through NY traffic on a skateboard or learning music production on a bootleg version of Logic Pro X.

You can reach Tyler at wmcxWebmaster@monmouth.edu or on Instagram: @TylerHackes

Amanda Newman - Public Relations Director

16A. Amanda Newman.jpg

You can reach her at wmcxPR@monmouth.edu 

Abbey Vergata - Production Director


Hometown: Somewhere in Southern New Jersey

Abbey Vergata is a Junior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Tv Production and a minor in Business Administration. In her free time you can find her playing guitar and listening to music. She likes all types of music from old school rock & roll to new wave alternative and even r&b. Stay in touch with Abbey on Instagram: @abbey.vergata.music

You can reach her at wmcxSMD@monmouth.edu

Sean Gerhard - Sports Director

Sean G.jpg

Hometown: Manahawkin, New Jersey

Bio: Sean Gerhard is a Junior Communication major (Radio/TV) with a minor in Sports Communication. Sean loves sports and intends on working in the sports industry after he obtains his degree. His show In The Zone is on Thursday nights and contains the hottest takes in sports. Be sure to tune in and get your weekly fill of the sports world.

You can reach him at wmcxsports@monmouth.edu

Jeremy Lenart - Production Director

15. Jeremy Lenart .jpg

You can reach her at wmcxPROD@monmouth.edu

Casey Cantaffa - Office Coordinator - kcantaff@monmouth.edu

Aaron Furgason - Advisor - afurgaso@monmouth.edu