There is no hiding that I've been on The Front Bottoms bandwagon since middle school, my Instagram is littered with pictures of them playing empty bowling alleys and sweaty basements. Seeing them grow to sell out 2,000 capacity rooms makes my heart swell, it has been an amazing journey to watch them evolve. That being said, I held off listening to Going Grey. Counterintuitive, I know, but I was afraid that I've boxed TFB into this lo-fi-college DIY-gritty synthpop that only made sense to grow out of. I can hear Be Nice To Me ringing out in the back of my head, "You say I’m changing, Sorry I didn’t know I had to stay the same."

Brian and the rest of the gang blew me out of the water. The night was an incredible medley of new and old songs, although I was holding out for Joanie. It felt just like the first time they sold out Asbury Lanes, peep this 5-year-old video of baby TFB and 15 year old me dying in the front. The band and the crowd are so intuned with each other with what seemed like a choreographed dance of enthusiasm. I'm glad I waited to listen to Going Grey, hearing some of the songs live first added that grit that I was desperately searching for. 

If you haven't listen to Going Grey yet, uhhhhh get the fuck on it?