I was lucky enough to catch the second night of this incredible tour at Starland Ballroom November 19th, 2017. I've seen half of the tour, Circa Survive and Balance and Composure, before a handful of times but this is the first time I got to see Thrice and CHON. Balance and Composure kicked off the night, they've always had this unforgettable rooted tone that brings me back to the first time I saw them. CHON was an experience, there are few bands that leave me completely stunned like CHON did. CHON wants nothing to do with the age-old cookie cutter alt song and I don't blame them. Their completely instrumental set kept me more on my toes than any 10-year tour would. Next up Circa Survive took the stage, it's always a pleasure to see Anthony Green go buckwild. This band has always had something that took them beyond the normal limitations of the band on stage/crowd behind barricade dynamic. Green has a way of tapping into this hidden energy and making sure it touches every single inch of the venue. Thrice closed out the show and the weekend. This was my first time seeing Thrice, my 7th grade self was screaming the entire time.