There was a gig to be gotten to this past Saturday at The Electric Oak. Sentient Moss celebrated their debut full-length Somebody, Somehow, which you can (and should) stream HERE. I was late to the gig for a necessary sushi run, but I would bet my bottom dollar Grin & Bear rocked everyone's socks off. They're fresh home from their tour with Halogens who closed out the night and left everyone in a stoked sweaty mess. I haven't gotten the pleasure of seeing Toy Cars in what seems like forever and I am kicking myself in the butt. Sleeping Patterns is one hell of a record. If there was one thing off about this killer gig, it had to be the exclusively. It's a rarity to show up to a D.I.Y show and be carded at the door, as well as the transphobic bathroom sign. D.I.Y. exists to be a space outside of these issues that are so heavily prevalent in "real venues". That on top of an 4 band bill of all dudes is not exactly my ideal gigerino but nevertheless, I had a frick fracking blast. Make sure you catch Halogens at Monmouth Univeristy this Friday with Slaughter, Beach Dog. 

Check some photos below!