The legendary Chuck Berry passed away at the age of 90 this March in his home outside of St. Charles, Missouri. It was reported he died of natural causes. Death cannot stop a master musician considering his next and final album will be released in June featuring Nathaniel Rateliff. The influential musician who was born in 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri has been considered the father of rock n’ roll but is constantly compared to Elvis Presley, another founding father of rock n’ roll. There has been a long history of black people being compared to their white counterparts instead of being allowed to represent themselves. A major difference is as such, Chuck Berry is also known as a pioneer performer for rhythm and blues. Over the decades copious amounts of arguments have taken place about who is the founder of rock and roll, Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley. As music does not evolve in a linear fashion there is no way to definitely say which one was the “first” or most influential.

Death comes for us all but just like Presley and all those before him, Chuck Berry will be forever immortalized in his musical influence on all forms of music and musicians.