There was one hell of a gigernio to be gotten to this past Thursday. The Menzingers, Jeff Rosenstock, and Rozwell Kid sold out Irving Plaza and I was lucky enough to be there. This was my first time at Irving Plaza, get ready for a ton of stairs (what's up with every NYC venue being the least accessible??), but not even close to the first time for seeing any of this crew. I'm used to seeing these boys pack 350 cap bowling alleys down the shore, so seeing them sell out a 1,025 cap venue made my little heart melt. 

Rozwell Kid kicked off the show, assuring us all "Jeff's Up Next". Everyone compares Rozwell Kid to Weezer, but since Weezer put out a bad ripoff of Twenty One Pilots today I'm going to make the executive decision to that Rozwell Kid is way better than Weezer. They fricking SHRED, so hard in fact that the first time that I saw them with a dream line-up of Sorority Noise, You Blew It!, Tiny Moving Parts, and the kid themselves that I dug them so much that I  I drove through a snowstorm to catch the next date of the tour. If that doesn't convey how good they are I don't know what does. 

After I gathered my socks that Rozwell Kid had thoroughly rocked off, Jeff Rosenstock took the stage. Let me be completely transparent here, I frick fracking love Jeff Rosenstock, I love every project Jeff Rosenstock has been part of, I am a big ole sticking Jeff Rosenstock fan. That being said, I obviously had to tie fresh off the merch stand Jeff Rosenstock flag around my neck while I was in the photo pit. It's so hard to not boogie down while in the photo bit while Jeff is belting Festival Song. I've never seen Rosenstock in a space that could hold more than 350 people, so it really warmed me to see over 1,025 kids dancing along. 

The Menzingers closed out the show, and man I have never seen so many people from Asbury Park outside of Asbury Park. Julie from the Wonder Bar, and the rest of gang all came out to sing along. The Menzingers have this power to be able to make a crowd glow with life. I'm used to seeing people stage dive off of speaker cabinets, but even though the crowd was a little tamer you could still feel how electric it was.