Last Wednesday was lucky enough to check out one HECK of a bill at The Stone Pony. To say it was stacked is an understatement. It was my first time seeing the first time seeing Nothing,Nowhere and Broadside. I was really blown away by Nothing,Nowhere, they have a really emotional sound and frick fracking shred. Broadside I've always known as that band that had a music video that was a Youtube AD. The crowd seemed to be most stocked for them besides Real Friends. It is no secret that I love Tiny Moving Parts, they never cease to get me boogieing. Real Friends is a band that I've seen more times than I can count but can never really figure out how I feel about. I really admire how passionate their fans are. They range across ages and aren't afaird to get to some finger pointing when it comes to boney knees and sleepy eyes. Real Friends is doing some international touring this summer but you can catch them with me in September at Riot Fest in Chicago! In the meantime, check out my photos below!