This past weekend I was lucky enough to catch thee Marilyn Manson at Starland Ballroom. I've attended my fair share of sold-out shows but this was like no other. There was a buzz across the room whether we'd get more of a show than the night prior where Manson left after 4 songs. 

When the lights dimmed, the crowd was a roar, "WE HATE LOVE. WE LOVE HATE." The room filled with fog and Manson took the stage. I shot the first song and being completely honest, I feel like I might have blacked out just a bit. The crowd was electric, the strobes were bright, and Marilyn Manson was less than a foot in front of me, could you blame me? 

After regaining my footing, I found a cozy spot in the back corner so I could soak it all in. There is nothing like watching someone see their favorite artists live, sharing a personal moment with 2,000 people. 


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