The night before I made the trek to Philly, I packed my camera bag and laid out my most swamp ass accommodating outfit. For the third time, I checked the weather app to see if there was an update in the ominous "60-80% chance of rain". No change in the forecast so collectively It felt like everyone just said: "fuck it". 

People started lining up at 6 am, I even got there an hour before doors thinking that was plenty of time but boyo, Paramore fans do not play when it comes to getting that sweet sweet center barricade. I even got pulled into a group picture of some really sweet tweens who all dressed up like different eras of Hayley Williams fashion, still not 100% what era they thought I was supposed to be. 

After Soccer Mommy collectively cradled us with sweet soft bedroom pop, we were informed of a dreaded RAIN DELAY. In my experience rain delays almost always mean just straight up canceled. I had brought plastic bags for my gear and was already sporting a giant hat to protect my pasty self from the sun so I had nothing to lose. It was going to take a full-blown hurricane to move the kids at the barricade. Luckily the rain gods smiled upon us and cleared up and the show carried on. 

I'm not going to front and act like I know any other song other than Pumped Up Kicks from Foster The People, but damn were they an excited band to see. With what felt like an orchestra level of band members, Foster The People kept me waiting to see what they could possibly do next. I had no idea that they were so much fun, I had no idea I could have so much fun to a band that I really didn't know. 

The night got colder and darker, the air felt electric with excitement for Paramore to finally take the stage. Paramore has consistently created music that has somehow known exactly how I was feeling and made me feel less alone. While in the photo pit I could hear the kids at the barricade who are losing their god damn minds, it's finally happening. There is no band that comes to mind that has such a powerful connection with their audience and is so in tune with one another like Paramore. 

My favorite part of the entire show was the number of little girls I saw with their parents. There is something so special and about seeing live music at a young age but being able to see someone like Hayley Williams tear up the stage and command the attention of over 5,000 people is incredible.