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FaLL Schedule: Monday

8-8:30am: Reese Bloomstead, Vivica Rojas & Anna Bryan

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12-2pm: Snap, Crackle, Pop! with Kacie Horowitz with Arianna Perri

Listen to Kacie and Arianna talk about anything and everything Monday afternoons 12-2 with their show called snap,crackle,pop!

Call in and request a song or just talk to us about your day !

Instagram: @snapcrackepop88.9 @Kacie_horowitz & @Arianna_perri

4-6pm: Brian Dembsey

8-10pm: Nick Heubach

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10pm-12am: Late Nights with Jai

Late Nights with Jai is sexy, smooth and sophisticated. Join Shadiyah Jai and her captivating crew on an adventure through the musical eras. With genres ranging from 70’s funk to todays hottest hits, you are sure to be in for a wild ride. The panel consists of Morgan Moxie, Matthew Jones, and the host, Shadiyah Jai. Never miss a segment, the tea is piping hot, and ready to be served.


8-8:30am: Jenny Amato, Lauren Rosenberger, & Keara Cadavid

9:30-10am: Dylan Eckhart, Sarah Giaimo, Megan Pagliettini, & Samson Carvello

10-11am: Boris Del Valle, Samson Carvello, Daniel Ducey

11am-12pm: Anisa Sujak & Stephanie Driscoll

12-2pm: Ainsley Vetter

2-3pm: Matthew Morrongiello, Vittorio Tartara, Eugene Marks

17. Andres Camacho.jpg

4-6pm: Rush Hour Renegades with Andres Camacho

While you’re hurrying home to use the bathroom, heading to bae’s, or simply escaping the 9-5 - Andres will be serving you up some of his favorite anthems that NOBODY IS PLAYING. Let’s sing and dance together - Jodeci style.


6-8pm: Whole Lotta Something with Noah Preschel

Whole Lotta Something is well... a whole lotta something. On the program Noah plays all different kinds of ranging from alternative, r&b, hip-hop, and also a little blues and country as well! Noah also discusses the hottest topics in music, sports, and the trials and tribulations of your everyday college student. Also featured on the program is the "Toast 22" where he lets his close friend/ roommate Toast run the ship and share his experiences.

Twitter: @noahpreschel

Instagram: @noahpreschel


8-10pm: Werlhens Francois


10pm-12am: Higher Voltage with Ray Romanski

Join Ray Romanski for his show Higher Voltage! Every Tuesday night from 10 to noon for your dose of new and classic punk, metal, and hardcore. Home of special segments such as Let's Do Two, The Weekly Clash Track, Things Worth Mentioning, and much more. It's gonna get loud. Tune in, and let your head bang. Follow Higher Voltage on Instagram @highervoltagewmcx


9:30-10am: Sarabeth Nemetz & Caitlin Callahan

9. Jackie Flanders .jpg

10am-12pm: The Groove Line with Jackie Flanders

The Groove Line is a fiery waker-upper that will cure your hump day blues. Jam-packed with decades of funk, new wave, and groove rock, you are sure to be up and moving in no time. Whether it’s on your morning commute to class or that last dance in front of the mirror before you leave the house, The Groove Line has you covered. Host Jackie Flanders throws you back to a simpler time while talking local events, everyday struggles, and dancing until you feel better. Tune in to the party and turn your Wednesday into a Friday.

12-1pm: Side 1 vs. Side 1 with Ainsley & Furg

A weekly show playing Side 1’s of two vinyl records at random, spanning across every genre. This show will provide you with a variety of

1-2pm: Nicole Amatucci, Hannah Cohen, Kelly Anderson

2-3pm: Ben Devito

3-4pm: Dejaun Cooper, Juwon Farri

4-5pm: Kevin Gadomski & Odauris Castillo

6-8pm: Nuestros Sonidos

Blue Hawk Records.jpg

10pm-12am: Blue Hawk Records

Tune in every Wednesday to hear the latest news on Blue Hawk Records.


8-8:30am: Tori Mielnicki & Bri Stefanelli

8:30-9am: Jenna Sundback, Gabriela Schnur & Gianna Bianco

9-9:30am: Angelique Martini & Juliana Vaccaro

9:30-10am: Trevor Carr & Calista Colbert

10am-12pm: Mid Morning Jams with Ryan Woods

Be sure to tune in at the 10am hour every Thursday for the hits of yesterday and today. Mid Morning Jams with Ryan Woods will be sure to help you groove into the morning routine. Playing hits from artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Killers, U2, and so many more!

12-1pm: Emma Buehler, Arianna Perri, Erin Crosby

1-2pm: Sam Broderick, Sam Schubel, Erin Mulligan

1A. Sean Becker.jpg

2-4pm: Mid-Day Happy Hour with Sean Becker

As the work day is winding down, tune into WMCX on Thursdays from 2-4 for some relaxing tunes and casual conversation. Join Sean Becker and his panel of assorted guests for a musical journey through genres such as punk, RnB, rock, funk, and more. A little something for everyone supplies a perfect, laid-back afternoon break.

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4-6pm: Mikey’s 2 Hour Mixtapes with Mikey Sanchez

Mikey’s mixtape’s will be providing you with 2 hours of his favorite tunes and topics of interest while taking requests from listeners.

13A. Adam Coraluzzi .jpg

6-8pm: Everything Brotherly

From The City of Brotherly Love, Adam discusses the community that is Philadelphia. Between sports, culture and current events, Adam and guests will help paint a better picture of the greatest city in America.


8-10pm: G.O.A.T. Talk with Sean Gerhard

Discussing sports and fantasy predictions, G.O.A.T. Talk is your one stop shop for all of the hottest takes.

First Show:


8-8:30am: Mady Garthly, Galal Elmenshawy, & Jack Crowell

2. Jonathan Mottola.jpg

9:30-10am: Emo Hours with Jonathan Mottola

A show to appreciate all that falls under the umbrella of "emo", including emo, screamo, hardcore, post-hardcore, metalcore, and everything in between. Hoping to bring on guests and local bands for music talks, interviews, and news on the DIY community.

Instagram: @coffee.god

10-11am: Idalis Maldonado, Diego Mendoza, Kaitlin Sanchez

11am-12pm: Matt Makuta, Connor Hughes, Scott Hvozdovic

12 -1pm: Nadal Buntin & Joseph Castillo

10. Andrew Welde .jpg

1-2pm: Andrew Welde

2-3pm: Cristian Yasin, Thomas Allan, Alan Benfante, Alexandra Ciarletta

3-4pm: John Cromwell & Nick Santamouris

4-6pm: The Short Show with Brendan Short

"The Short Show" is a weekly music/talk radio show on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, that is modeled after Late Night TV. The host, Brendan Short, begins the show with a few monologue jokes, and then curates music until he brings on his guest(s) who are usually local comedians and musicians. Follow me on instagram for updates on the show: @brendanshort4

8A. Kayla Booker.jpg

6-8pm: Just Chattin’ Radio with Kayla Booker

Tune in to Just Chattin’ Radio, where conversation is connected with the music played, whether it’s today’s alternative hits, or 90’s best hip-hop. Hosted by Kayla Booker, Just Chattin’ Radio never fails to bring light to your favorite music, or music you may be falling in love with for the first time. With occasional special guests, you can expect different opinions with different conversation in between the music. You don’t want to miss out! Chat you then.

Don’t forget to check out Just Chattin’ Radio on Instagram: @justchattinradio

8-10pm: James Fanizzi

10pm-12am: Emma Buehler and Peter Gargano



8-10am: Noah “Bo-Boa” for Breakfast

The morning show to discuss hot topics in music, Noah’s life, and surf culture. Bringing on guests for interviews about their interests and lives, to curate the most chill vibes.

Catch Noah surfing the web:

Instagram: hibachi_chait

Twitter: bigcat2303

Spotify: Noahc2303


4-6pm: Werlhens Francois

6-8pm: Flex Factor

Hosted by Joe and Mike, with guests Ryan, Vin and Wherlz. Topics ranging from sports, their amazing experience at Monmouth University, and stories that will have you rolling on the floor.


4-6pm: The AJ Notte Show

7. Bella Lainel, Lauren Abrey.jpg

6-8pm: Waspoppin Radio with Bella Lainez and Lauren Abrey

Waspoppin Radio is going to be discussing “waspoppin” with the latest in pop culture and music news. Isabella and I want to create a inviting space that will allow people to enjoy good music and feel “in” on the conversation. We get it poppin on social media too.

Instagram: @waspoppin_radio

Twitter: @waspoppinR