Everyone DUH!!! 

If you're not down for two days of punk music here are some highlights I would rather cut my legs of than miss. 

1. PUP

Credit: Vanessa Heins

Credit: Vanessa Heins

PUP is hands down my most favorite current band. They release The Dream Is Over via SideOneDummy last year and is one HELL of a record. I got to see them with Cayetana in NYC a few months back and I haven't so comfortable at a show since Asbury Lanes closed. The actually played the lanes way back when they were still called Topanga (Yes Boy Meets World) with The Moms. If you missed them then here is your chance to redeem yourself. DO NOT MISS PUP! 


POSERS is the only band on the entire two-day festival with a nonmale member, ain't that wild! Don't just see them because you feel guilty about what you've got in your pants, see them because they fucking rule. They're everything I wish I could be, so I guess I'm the real poser. hehe

3. Leftover Crack 

In High School for like 6 months, my best friend was a crust punk and he showed me Leftover Crack, and I spent the next few months wanted to punch cops. Leftover Crack is a part of a long list of bands that helped me build my political ideologies and really shaped me into a person I'm stoked to be. 


Uh DUH. NOFX is literally iconic, Fat Mike is going to come beat you up. 

5. Buzzcocks 

My mom always says you gotta know your roots, so don't come try to tell me that Pinegrove is the best band ever if you don't watch the Buzzcocks this weekend.